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Thoughts On The Election

I wanted to say something about the election, but since the weather has been so great I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer and spend lots of time outside. There are many issues or events I have opinions on, but I think what I dwelled most upon and what I most want to say is this: that upon returning from the polling station I felt tarnished, that I have compromised my integrity. No matter what I do with my ballot I or what the results are I feel this way. Should I be legitimizing a system that requires me to forfeit the making of the decisions that effect my life and are important to me to another person? So that for four years some person I have not met, who doesn’t share my views can do whatever they want in my name. Is the modest reform that could potentially be the result of my vote make it worth granting weight and legitimacy to the undesirable outcome of the vote, as they are all undesirable, just some more than others. Sure we can appeal to them during their terms, but doing so seems the equivalent of begging for change. Our current mode of government is not fair, just, or moral. I believe it to be the right of all people to directly make the decisions that affect their lives both in the political and economic spheres, and not through some unwieldy institution of representation that has the effect of shaping the public view to reflect itself, distorting our voices, and turning people against one another. Many say we can do no better, this is the best we can have. But there are choices and people have made them before, from Catalonia to Chiapas. The exact details of what society could become cannot be described now, as they will arise only through the cooperative process itself. The ends is the means, and the means the end. We can certainly do better than being mere partisans, capitalists, consumers, or other cogs in the machine. We haven’t reached the end of history.

So in brief, that is how I felt about the election. I hope it makes good food for thought.


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