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Napoli and Pompeii

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Naples, or Napoli was the first place I stayed in Italy, going into I heard conflicting reports, that it was really cool and that it was really dirty. I think both could be considered true. Naples has interesting architecture and culture, the hostel I stayed in was right in the old city with its tight cobblestone streets, cool old buildings, and authentic Italian pizzerias and bakeries. Many of the residential buildings have courtyards in the middle which you reach by passing through large archways, like the one pictured which is at the hostel I stayed in. The hostel didn’t have a particularly nice courtyards but some that I was able to see into had greenery and were much nicer. Naples is also really dirty, there are huge piles of garbage every where, I’ve heard there here some issue with the mafia and illegal dumping there which you can learn a bit about here: VBS Toxic Naples video. Also, Naples is said by some to be the home of the pizza, so I made a point of having a real Neapolitan pizza made on a wood oven. There are a lot of good pizza places in Italy and if you want a cheap vegan meal one your best bet is getting a fresh pizza marinara to go. And I saw a dead body on the street my last day there. Most of the pictures are from Pompeii, which is a short day trip from Naples. Pompeii is interesting, the site is huge (it is an entire Roman city) and one can be there four hours and not see the whole thing. It was cool to just be able to wonder these ancient streets, thinking about how beautiful it would have been there before its destruction, as the location is quite scenic.


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