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A trip from a different place and time

After reading a friend’s post about the National Parks Project I decided to check the website for it out, I’m not going to write about the project or website itself as you can read about it in the linked post, or check out the website yourself. Rather, it reminded my of another trip I went on nine years ago with my parents, driving from Uxbridge to Lethbridge, Alberta. From there we were able to take day trips to a number of places including Waterton Lakes National Park, one of the parks featured in the National Parks Project. I would say that Waterton Lakes is one of, if not the, most beautiful place I have ever seen. I think the place has something that even the Alps doesn’t have. Europe has a much higher population density and is much more developed. This was beneficial to me as a traveler because it meant that so much of the Alps was accessible by public transit and the rail system, if it hadn’t been then I couldn’t have seen it. The Rockies by comparison aren’t as accessible when you are traveling without a car, but the upside of this inaccessibility is the fact that much of the Rockies are just that, inaccessible and remote. There is more untouched nature, and there is a much stronger feeling of being on the frontier of civilization. And the feeling I had upon seeing the Rockies of Waterton Lakes for the first time as we drove across the plains is indescribable. Many people put down the prairies as being dull but I think it might be the prairies that makes the mountains what they are and I think to truly experience them you have to come to the Rockies from the prairies. I would love to be able to travel by land across the country again and return to Waterton Lakes, but for now I will have to make do with what the National Parks Project has to offer me. Check out the website here: National Parks Project, check out the Waterton Lakes feature, but all the other parks featured are worth checking out on there, or probably even going to if you get the chance.


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