It’s been a while…

…since my last post. I was working lot’s and recently was on course getting my Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors level 2 certification. I’ve been finished work for a week now so I’ve just been taking care of errands I have to do, cooking, and trying to make decisions about the direction of my life. In the short term I am trying to spend some free time in Toronto while in between jobs to catch up with friends, go to good restaurants, attend some Ashtanga classes, and see the final shows at Siesta Nouveaux. On the cooking side I was really stoked on these banana-oatmeal scones I made recently, some are filled with Saskatoon Berry jam, some with homemade apple sauce, one with almond butter, and one plain. They are probably one of the best things I’ve ever baked, up there with the sandwich bread I always make now. I also made what I think was my best go at sushi recently. The rice was well flavoured, the ingredients fresh and tasty, and the rolls were the right size and fairly tight. I won’t be hired by a restaurant anytime soon but it’s getting there.



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