Making Bread

   I’ve gotten into making my own bread recently. I’m not that interested in baking sweets and sweet breads but I’ve been wanting to learn how to make my own healthy whole wheat breads for soups, sandwiches and the like. Among things I’ve bakes recently is this whole wheat sandwich bread (recipe from, a multi-grain bread made with Red River cereal and some other seeds and grains, a quick bread, and english muffins (plain whole wheat and whole wheat with raisins). I think I’ve finally been able to make a decent paratha to have with my curries, soft but not doughy, cooked through but not dry and stiff; I think the key was proper temperature control. I enjoy making bread, for some reason working the dough with my hands is really satisfying. It just seems so wholesome and good (eating it too).

I also went to a show in Collingwood. It was my first time going to a show in Collingwood, and first show and almost a year. Grey Kingdom and Baby Eagle played, they were enjoyable but it was a weird experience overall. There were a good number of people there but they were just there to drink as opposed to see the performers, who were well aware that I was the only person there to see them. It was kind of awkward but it provides a good opportunity to talk to the people in the bands. And I bought my ticket for Youth of Today, stoked for that but also kind of worried I’ll be disappointed.


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