Pad Thai

 After quite a bit of experimentation I have been able to make what I think is a decent pad thai. Over various attempts I changed a number of things, noodles, sauce, ingredients etc. It’s not completely authentic but after looking at many recipes I used what I think are the best alternatives. I used white vinegar in place of tamarind, whole wheat fettuccine instead of rice noodles (they have a heavier taste/texture than rice noodles, I found when I used rice noodles, it turned into a gelatinous mess), parsley instead of cilantro, and instead of roasting and grinding peanuts myself I used peanut butter (the 100% peanut kind). I think adding the vinegar really improved the sauce, not stir-frying anything for too long, and having really fresh green onions, sprouts, and parsley were some of the key factors. Otherwise I have been killing some time lately foraging for apples, apples trees are everywhere around here. I have been eating them whole, cooked in oats, in salads, in apple crisps, cored and baked with sugar and spices in the middle, I even made a spaghetti sauce with shredded apple. More conventionally, I have also made apple sauce to go along with these english muffins I made the other day (vegan of course).


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