Collingwood Terminal

Weather wise, the start of autumn has been off to a great start making it easy to spend lots of time outside. One place in Collingwood I enjoy going to fairly regularly is a park located on a spit of land sticking out into the bay that used to be Collingwood’s shipping terminal. A bit of background on the site, Collingwood used to be home to an industrial shipyard the operated into the 1980’s and was known for side-launching the boats built there (as opposed to the more common way of putting boats in tip-first). Adjacent to the shipyards was Collingwood Terminal where the town’s grain elevator was located. Grain would be brought in by train (Collingwood also used to have fairly large stockyards) and loaded onto ships. Like the shipyards, the stockyards are no longer but the grain elevators still stand but are no longer in use. It’s a nice place to go and kill some time, there is a decent view and hearing the waves and feeling the wind is always relaxing.

Grain Elevators

View looking southwest toward Osler Bluffs resort and the Niagara Escarpment.

Looking northeast over the Georgian Bay, Christian Island would be out of the frame to the left, Wasaga Beach out of frame to the right.


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