Non-sushi Food Endeavours

  So aside from being really into making sushi lately I’ve been making a lot with cucumbers and tomatoes because I have so many from both my garden and the one I help at. I like the idea of eating seasonally for the obvious environmental reasons. But also because I find that often what is fresh at that time of year is what is desirable to eat. The fresh tomatoes and cucumbers I’ved used recently in such great summer foods such as the gazpacho, chickpea salad, and cold carrot soup pictured here. Then through the winter you’re left with a lot of root vegetables which are great for soups that warm one up on a cold day. I also think it makes one more connected to the natural cycles of the earth, making for a feeling of oneness. I have to say that I am not the best when it comes to eating seasonally or locally, but I am going to make an effort at improving in those respects.

  Fresh gazpacho made from with tomatoes, cucumber, and basil from my garden (among other things).

The Mediterranean-inspired chickpea salad I ate with it. Mediterranean because of the combination of chickpeas, kalamata olives, grapes, tomatoes, and fresh parsley (along with cucumber of course).

  This cold soup is a modification of a recipe I got from Jónsi’s raw foods site. The bulk of it is carrot juice and I replaced the avocado called for in the recipe with cucumber and replaced the spinach with the mesclun greens (mostly arugula) from my garden. It is a really easy to make, tasty, and healthy (would probably be better if I juiced the carrots myself though). Served with some grapes and PC sweet potato tortilla chips.

I also recently tried smoked bacon-flavoured tempeh for the first time with my standard scrambled tofu and fruit. It did have a taste and smell quite similar to that of bacon though the texture was pretty different. Despite the fact that I generally stay away from mock meats, and I think it is often more important to mimic texture rather than taste when replacing meat it was still pretty tasty. I will try it on a sandwich next. I think this might have actually been my first time having tempeh. I’m hoping that a store around here has un-seasoned tempeh so I could try it in other things where I don’t want the taste of bacon.

In other news I am writing an article for a hardcore-related zine that my friend Sterling is putting out. When I find out what it is called, when it will be available, and any other details I find out I will post them. I’m also volunteering at a fundraising dinner, consisting of in-season locally grown foods, put on by the local Free Spirit Gardens.


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