Fresh From the Garden

So now that we’re into late summer I’ve starting to enjoy the fruits of my garden. The Raspberries are done for the year and so is my first batch of mesclun mix and with the end of those comes green beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some beats from the community garden nearby. The cucumber is probably the most prolific plant in my garden, the plants are huge and sprawling and the cucumbers are short but fat.

While tending to the garden is nice, eating what grew in it is better. Today I made this stir-fry, baked tofu, red pepper, carrot, onion, mushroom, ginger, garlic, brown rice, and green beans fresh from the garden. For flavouring I made a Chinese five-spice sauce of sorts and it turned out really well.I love stir fries and it would be really tough for me to ever get sick of them.

I can’t get enough from the garden all at one time to make a complete meal but it is replacing some things I would have bought from the grocery store. Regardless, it feels good to be eating home-grown food. Some other recent meals featuring things from my garden have included a Mediterranean-inspired vegetable plate with home grown cucumber, grape tomatoes, and beet-leaves (for quinoa and cranberry dolmas); Sunomono salad and temaki and inari sushi (cucumbers and peas from the garden), tofu scramble with fried green tomatoes, and many salads. My beet leaf dolmas and temaki both tasted good, but apparently I am terrible at rolling things, and next time I try fried green tomatoes I should actually look up a recipe for the batter instead of thinking I can do it myself. Despite those problems the biggest disappointment was finding most of my corn ravaged by raccoons. Even if I don’t get a lot from my garden this year, I feel like I am gaining a fair bit of knowledge from it. Knowledge that I can use in the future for more ambitious gardens and meals, and help me to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


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