Farmer’s markets and backyard farming.

So the other day I went to a farmer’s market it the town of Keady, after driving for and hour and a half through fields one suddenly sees cars hundreds of cars and people everywhere.. Keady is in farm country and this was a true farmer’s market, you can get everything from produce, baked goods (from Mennonites), livestock, antiques, and other things I’m forgetting. The draw back of it though was that there was a lot of non-local produce for sale, some of which was obvious like bananas, while there were other fruits that could be local but weren’t. There was also people selling those crappy novelty t-shirts you see at stands in malls along with other odd clothing being hocked. The meal time result of this excursion was a tasty vegan alfredo sauce with fresh Ontario asparagus and peas, herbs from the backyard over whole wheat linguine.

My own attempts at growing food are coming along despite some critter-related setbacks. The cucumber plants are huge and I can actually see baby cucumbers on them and carrots are doing great as well. I still have some corn left that is getting big, and my salad greens will be ready to be picked again soon with more planted to replace it when it goes. I am excited to be able to harvest this stuff in the next month or so. In the meantime I have been picking lots of raspberries from our backyard, and mulberries from nearby trees.

Now if only I could get a job because apparently cooking, reading, doing yoga, and taking care of my plants and going on the occasional bike ride doesn’t pay back my loans which upon a recent check of sit at about $27,000.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the farmers market you went to. Where we live, our markets only have vegetables, fruits, meats, plants, cheese and baked goods grown or produced locally. Never tees, etc.

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