A couple interview links

I came across a couple interviews on other blogs that I thought deserved re-posting, both with the front men from influential ’80s hardcore bands. I don’t want to make an idol out of anyone as no one is infallible, but both of these are people I would say I have a lot of respect for because, in my opinion, both have more or less stayed true to the values they said they were about. Both were in bands made great music (and in some that made bad music) but there are a lot of bands out there that I would say make great music but I wouldn’t say I have respect for them or that the band was influential to me personally at all, where as I would say both of these people were in bands that did have an impact on in an important way. The first interview here is with Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi/Dischord fame, and the second is with Ray “Raghunath” Cappo of Youth of Today/Shelter isn’t really a full interview but a response to a specific topic posted by the blog, read it here. While not perfect I think both these guys were and despite lack of current involvement, still are good examples of what hardcore is about to me.

Here are the links again, stayed tuned for more Europe updates as well.




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