Harvest Time… Sort Of

So one of the things that I’ve been putting my time and effort into this summer is figuring out how to grow my own food. I have started volunteering at some community gardens along with planting some of my own stuff in the back yard. I’ve got some corn, cucumber, beans, peas, carrots, and mesclun greens (a mix of greens used in a kind of French salad) that I planted, along with some herbs (oregano, basil, spearmint, parsley, chives), tomatoes, and raspberries that my parents had already started. The almost none of the beans sprouted, and a bunch of pea plants got eaten by something but most of the stuff seems to be doing ok. The tomatoes are coming along well and should be edible in the near future.











What I have been able to harvest and eat so far is the raspberries, which I’ve been able to get a couple handfuls from but will should get much more as they ripen, and the mesclun greens. It was a nice feeling eating for the first time something that I myself planted. The first couple meals I made from my garden were Vietnamese salad rolls which used mint from my parents herbs along with my greens, and a big leafy green salad I had for lunch today.

Along with this stuff I’ve also been using the potted herbs my parents got a lot because fresh herbs can really make something a lot better, and just today I went foraging for mulberries on the walking trails near my house. I got a decent amount but a lot of the ripe ones were out of reach. And I apologize for the poor layout of this post, I’m still figuring this out.


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