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Here are some leftover pictures from Rome, most of the pictures from there were used in the last couple of posts. There are some pictures looking out over the city from a hill on the forum site, an evening picture from the top of the Spanish steps, and a picture of the Trevi fountain which I spent all of thirty seconds at because it was swarming with other tourists pushing and shoving to get closer to it. There are also two pictures of an obelisk at Piazza Navona. There are a number of these throughout the city, many of which are authentic Egyptian ones built commissioned by pharaohs such as Ramses II and later brought to Rome. A number are also imitations commissioned by Roman rulers. The pictured is an imitation one built by the Roman Domitian in the first century A.D., erected at its current location in 1651. Rome was a nice city I thought, definitely nicer than Naples. Like other cities in the south of Europe it still fills tight and crowded but it has a lot more greenery and then Naples or Athens, is cleaner, and drivers aren’t as insane, even seeming to acknowledge the existence of pedestrians. Accommodation was expensive though, and if you want to sit and eat a restaurant that is also expensive but there are plenty of places to get a freshly made pizza marina for cheap. I splurged when I was there though and had a good sit down meal meal at a restaurant called Il Margutta RistorArte. Which is not only vegetarian, they also offer many vegan options, claim to use 70% organic ingredients, and make their own pasta and bread. I ordered a pasta dish with a simple tomato sauce but the sauce made from fresh tomatoes and herbs, on the made-in-house pasta, served with a basket of various warm whole wheat breads (most bread in Italy seemed to be very light white bread which isn’t my thing) made it amazing. I also got some great vegan gelato from Il Gelatone.


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