Roman Coliseum and Forum

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I thought I would follow up the post on churches with another one about a place with a history that is on the darker side of life, the Coliseum. It is certainly an interesting piece of history, but what it was used for probably shows some of the worst in human behaviour. The slideshow starts off with a couple indoor pictures at the museum section of the Coliseum (white marble bowl and white marble pillar with jade), then a number of pictures from the Coliseum it’s self. Shown next is Arco di Costanio, which sits just outside the Coliseum and Roman Forum. The other large ruins pictured are the ruins of a temple built in honour of the goddess Venus, as well as another god I cant remember (Neptune or Apollo maybe), it is the largest temple ever constructed in Rome. After that there are a few pictures from the Forum, including the stadium, what’s either an aquaduct or just a wall, a fallen orange marble pillar, and an engraved pot that was part of an exhibit on the usage of the Forum area pre-Roman empire.


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