Today when thinking about how I’m not too thrilled on my current situation, I got thinking about the worst stop on my trip… Copenhagen. My decision to go there was last minute was only because I was looking for a place to stop that was two thirds of the distance between Gimmelwald and Oslo. So I took the train there and got in kind of late to be finding a room, I couldn’t book ahead because only have a prepaid credit card that doesn’t let me make the necessary deposit, to add to that it was a Saturday night so there were lots of weekenders in town. I had some names and addresses written down of hostels, but somehow lost the paper they were written on so I set out wandering the streets around the station looking for one, I had hoped it would be like Cologne where there are numerous hostels near the train station that I saw but it was not and I didn’t see any. The tourist information centre was as well. Desperate, I hired a rickshaw to take me to one, paying sixty krones only to find out the hostel was full. Not only that, they told me they had just called around to the other local hostels and they are all also full. I checked out a hotel near the station and the cheapest room was going to cost me over 200 euro a night, not going to happen. Realizing that I had no place to stay I wandered around the streets a little, which wasn’t that enjoyable because the area around the station is apparently a shitty club districts and the clubbers were out in full force, making being in the area even more annoying. I went back to the train station because that was were I was going to spend the night. I didn’t even try to sleep. The place is busy constantly and there were no quiet areas, with drunken club patrons coming and going. I found out that when staying up all night made me really hungry for most of the time I would be sleeping. Options were limited at this time (unless I wanted to spend a lot) to American fast food chains and crappy kebab stands. I chose the latter, and because it was the cheapest food I saw anywhere there and I was really hungry I got two falafels and they were the worst falafels I have ever had. After a completely sleepless night I decided to go for a walk in a park nearby and eat my breakfast (bread and fruit that I had). While walking around I was followed by a man who eventually asked me to have sex with him. When he was turned down his response was “why not?” After a while I went back to the hostel I went to earlier to book a room, it wasn’t cheap to begin with and then I had to pay extra for sheets, and for not having an International Youth Hostel Federation card. Basically the whole time I was there I hemorrhaged money and got no enjoyment from it. On my second day I walked over to Christiania which was cool but it started raining. Later when it cleared up I decided to go for a walk to the Botanical gardens, I was there briefly before a heavy thunderstorm came, and took the above picture. I can’t say much about what Copenhagen is really like, I didn’t see much of it, but for me it was the worst stop of the trip and I was happy to leave.


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