Warm climates and eating outside

Tonight I made something new I have never made before with an ingredient I’ve never used before, trying my hand at Jamaican rice and peas (kidney beans) with fried plantain, avocado slices, and a side salad. I looked a bunch of rice and peas recipes and sort of followed one that had all the basic ingredients the others have, but I substituted coconut milk with finely grated coconut (I think I used too much) and ground cayenne pepper in place of a fresh scotch bonnet pepper. It turned out pretty well except for having a bit too much coconut. The plantains I fried in olive oil with paprika and cinnamon, they were tasty but maybe a little dry. Overall it was fairly good for a first attempt and I would try my hand at it again. The weather was nice so I ate outside which got me thinking about warm places, and then about being on Syros so I thought I would post up my pictures from Ermoupolis. All a did there really was explore the town and surrounding area by foot and spend some time relaxing. It is a beautiful island and the town is cool, lots of tiny streets and alleys with tons of stairs, neat houses and builds, and good views. The pictures are all from the city of Ermoupolis, and the old city of Ermoupolis called Anos Syros. The really large building pictured is a government building as I believe Ermoupolis is the capital of the Cyclades group of islands, also worth pointing out is the Anastassi church, seen from the inside and sitting on top of a hill with the surrounding houses being the old city. Also, I don’t know how to put the gallery in without including the picture from above and I don’t want to figure it out now.

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