Youth Of Today

Not particularly inspired to post about my trip right now but I did want to re-post this Youth of Today interview I just read because it is from this year, it’s interesting to hear from Ray Cappo in 2011 (they have played a bunch of shows this year). Although I’m not into his support of ISKCON or certain of his beliefs I still have a lot of respect for him because of the lifestyle he leads and because I can listen to Youth of Today and, looking at his life now, not feel like he was just full of shit. Cheesy as it sounds I really do feel inspired every time I listen to We’re Not In This Alone, Disengage, or Break Down The Walls. Below is a video of them at the Anthrax in 1988. This is hardcore at its best, Cappo’s passion and the rest of the bands energy really come through in this video. Will post more trip pictures tomorrow.


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