Toronto Weekend

I went to Toronto this weekend for my friends’ Jared and Michelle’s wedding. A wedding is obviously a big event in a person’s life, and by extension an important event if the people getting married are friends or family. But I felt oddly disconnected from this wedding. I think it was because I got the invitation just before I left for Europe, then went to the wedding soon after I got back and had little or no contact with my friends that were getting married. By contrast, when other friends of mine got married, I was around for the process. I heard them discussing their plans, talked with them about it, saw them making things, watched them get stressed out about it, baked some pies, helped set up, and then went to the wedding. It made me feel way more connected to the event and ceremony itself. With both weddings though I saw very little of the bride and groom during the event. That being said, I enjoyed myself at Jared and Michelle’s wedding. It was a good way to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while after being away it Europe. Everything seemed to go well, the place looked good, the bicycle procession was fun, the food was great (I ate way too much), and I had a good time with friends. I wish Jared and Michelle the best in starting their lives together.

Aside from the wedding, going to Toronto is always enjoyable as get to see my friends which I don’t see often. I was glad to be able attend Nate’s birthday at the Lakeview (not really a fan of the food there though) which like the wedding was a good chance to catch up with a number of friends I haven’t been able to see much of for the past while, even before the trip. I went to a free screening at Ryerson for a student-made film about the viability of commuter cycling in Toronto.

I also like getting down to Toronto to enjoy the culinary delights of a big city, since most small towns are lacking in both vegan/vegetarian restaurants and food diversity. I went to Hot Beans for the first time, trying out their seitan burrito and a lime-coconut doughnut made in house. Both were good and a decent amount of food for $10.50. I also tried a bit of taco and rice and beans which were decent but nothing to write home about. I ate dinner at One Love, getting a small chickpea and pumpkin roti, and a small corn soup. I really like the food here and think its a great value (that meal was under $10). I had a platter of mixed vegetable dishes served w/paratha at South Indian Dosa Mahal which despite their horrible decor is quite good, I love getting the meals with many small dishes that you just eat with your hands using the bread. And finally I picked up a couple muffins from Urban Herbavore (sweet potato and date, apple and walnut) that I had for breakfast and lunch. They are vegan, mostly organic and taste great. I mention all these places because I really like food in general, their food in particular, and I hope people support these places.

More trip pictures and stories coming soon.


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