I figure since I am putting all these pictures up here out of order, I should take a minute to explain the route I took through Europe to clarify where I went and when. So here is a quick explanation, with the names of places I stayed where I stayed overnight in bold. I flew into Athens, Greece (stop over in Newark, NJ) where I stayed for two nights before taking a ferry to the Greek island of Syros, staying in the city of Ermoupoli for two nights. I returned on the ferry to Athens where I stayed a third night before taking a train and a bus to the port city of Patras where I took another ferry overnight, across the Adriatic Sea to Bari, Italy. I didn’t stay in Bari, I went straight to Naples where I stayed for two nights, day-tripping to Pompeii. Next I went to Rome for just one night, moving on to the area of the Ligurian coast called Cinque Terre. My first night in Cinque Terre I stayed in town of Monterrosso al Mare (specifically in the train station), the second night in the village of Corniglia (in a hostel). From there I left Italy, staying two nights in Lugano, Switzerland, and then three nights in the alpine village of Gimmelwald which is in the Bernese Oberland, near Interlaken. After Gimmelwald I covered a lot of distance in short time (thanks to a train that went 315 km/h), going all the way up to Cologne, Germany where I stayed for two nights. Another long train/ferry ride took me to Copenhagen, Denmark, staying for two nights, one of which was in a train station (story onto itself). From there I went to Oslo, Norway via train through Sweden for three nights, then to Bergen for three nights with a fourth night spent on the train back to Oslo where I stayed for one more night with Tim and Rebekka before flying back to Canada via Newark. That is my trip in a nutshell, hopefully it will help you make sense of what I post on here.


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