Heinzelmannchenbrunnen and Cologne

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Here is a story for you. “An old Cologne legend says: that there was a time when Cologners never had to work. Whatever they had to do was done secretly and quietly during the night by the Heinzelmannchenbrunnen (elves). A secret until one day a curious tailor’s wife scattered peas on the stairs, making them trip and fall (so she could see them). She found them scattered on the floor the next morning. As you can imagine, the Heinzelmannchenbrunnen stopped doing their secret jobs and Cologners have had to do their own work from that day on.” That is the description from the free map I got at the hostel in Cologne (Koln) of the statue pictured above. In the centre of the statue is the tailor’s wife and the fallen Heinzelmannchenbrunnen, and the squares on either side show the Heinzelmannchenbrunnen doing the various jobs they did before said incident.

And because I have some other pictures of Cologne, that I don’t have much to say about I will throw them in there as well. Two are the Rhein from  a bridge with the downtown skyline and the Dom catherdral pictured, two are of the sun setting over the Rhein from the Rheinpark, and the last is of the lunch I just ate because I made it on Bavarian rye bread. I didn’t go to Bavaria but Germany had good bread in general, so did Switzerland, better than Greece and Italy.


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