Greetings and Salutations

Hello reader(s), welcome to my blog. As an alternative to posting the pictures from my trip to Europe on facebook en masse, I have decided to post them on a blog individually, or in small groups, along with a short story to go with it. So if you come to my blog every now and again you can see some new pictures from the trip, and an explanation of what you’re are seeing, or a story from the trip, or something like that. Along with pictures from my trip I will also be posting about what I get up to at home, which right now isn’t much so you can expect a lot of food-related posts, as well as just anything I think is important that I want to post. Because food will be an ongoing theme of the blog when trip picture well runs dry, I will start with a post relating to both.

This is a meal I had in Athens: tomato and pepper stuffed with rice, cooked with potatoes, and some bread on the side. It was from some restaurant near the Akropolis on small twisted street, just off of the main tourist area that I don’t know the name of. It is common in Greece for restaurant owners to stand in the street and talk to people trying to get them to come in, it can be annoying at times when you just want to walk down the street, but the guy at this place seemed nice. He told me about how he had lived in Vancouver and Kenora. After telling him I wasn’t hungry, I said I would come back the next night and he seemed pleased when I actually did. After the meal he had a waiter bring me out some candies that he said were for “his Canadian friend.” I appreciated having some good conversations with locals like that. I also appreciated a good meal, most of the time in Greece I either got cheap vegetable pies or made meals of bread and some fruit (or at times just one of those two).

This next picture is at Tim and Rebekka’s apartment in Oslo. After being on the road for three weeks by myself, and living away from my friends when in Collingwood, I really appreciated staying with them. I think one of the best simple pleasures in life is a home-cooked meal with friends. I really like cooking and food, partly because it has so many dimensions, including a social one, we went to the store to buy ingredients together, cooked together, and then ate and cleaned up together. Eating from a common dish adds to the sense of communality, and slowly eating while conversing is a great way to spend an evening and appreciate your food. I also really liked this because for the most part I was not able to cook proper meals while on the road, something of home I missed. In case you were wondering what we are eating, it is ful medames (middle eastern fava bean dip, recipe here:, pitas, and a side salad.

The previous two pictures were from the start and end of the trip, and this one is from the homecoming, which is just always a great part of any trip, no matter how fun it is. I really missed making my own food while I was gone, and I also ate a lot of bread and looked forward to meals where the main component was not a loaf of bread by itself. I also really missed peanut butter, it was non-existent in the Mediterranean, and in central and northern Europe I could generally only find the sugary kind. I planned on having a lot of picnic lunches, but the lack of peanut butter and hummus that I would normally use for such a things was bothersome. Pictured here are Vietnamese-style fresh wraps and a peanut dipping sauce of my own concoction.

Stay tuned for more posts, and I promise they will not all be food related and you will get to see cool Europe stuff.


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